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What is Hemp Milk? – Hemp Seed – Perfect Protein<span class='title-comment-count'> - 0 Comments</span>
What is Hemp Milk? – Hemp Seed – Perfect Protein - 0 Comments

Why Hemp Milk? Well, I use a lot of raw nut milk in my recipes and they are fab for smoothies, definitely a must for many raw folk, but what if you are allergic to nuts as many are?

Magnesium – Clean Green – Salt of the Earth<span class='title-comment-count'> - 0 Comments</span>
Magnesium – Clean Green – Salt of the Earth - 0 Comments

I can’t imagine not having my morning green drinks, I love them! I know this recipe – Salt of the Earth may look a bit daunting if you are not used to greens – it takes time to adjust your taste, but don’t ever give up – it is so worth the effort to get alkaline […]

Magnesium – Are YOU Deficient?<span class='title-comment-count'> - 0 Comments</span>
Magnesium – Are YOU Deficient? - 0 Comments

Magnesium – could this be the missing link for you? Have you just ran out of zest for life? Where has your energy gone? See the effects of being magnesium deficient below – if you have tried all sorts of healthy options and felt no difference, perhaps this is why?

My Blendtec Twister Jar<span class='title-comment-count'> - 4 Comments</span>
My Blendtec Twister Jar - 4 Comments

Hello lovely peeps – I am a happy bunny today it is my birthday and I have a special present – well OK it is a present from me to me and I feel no guilt ha ha – my new Blendtec Twister Jar – I am so excited I cant wait to try it!

Soaking Nuts – how Long for Soaking & Drying Nuts<span class='title-comment-count'> - 10 Comments</span>
Soaking Nuts – how Long for Soaking & Drying Nuts - 10 Comments

I get so many emails with questions about soaking nuts, and the thing is there is a lot of controversy about nuts in general, and the soaking and drying times in particular seem very different depending who is writing about it. So lets get into the nitty gritty of your nuts!

Dehydrator – Do I Really Need A Dehydrator?<span class='title-comment-count'> - 2 Comments</span>
Dehydrator – Do I Really Need A Dehydrator? - 2 Comments

Dehydrator – do I need one? It can be pretty daunting when we first get into the raw way of life; it is exciting learning how to put together healthy raw recipes, but do we need all this equipment? I get asked this question a lot – do I really need a dehydrator?

Mango & Berry Smoothie Recipe<span class='title-comment-count'> - 4 Comments</span>
Mango & Berry Smoothie Recipe - 4 Comments

This antioxidant rich Mango & Berry Smoothie Recipe will have you jumping for joy, full to the brim and loaded with goodies to keep you in tip top form!

Green Pineapple Smoothie -Taste of the Tropics?<span class='title-comment-count'> - 6 Comments</span>
Green Pineapple Smoothie -Taste of the Tropics? - 6 Comments

This Green Pineapple Smoothie was a little bit of a surprise to me, this always happens when I am running short of supplies and throwing things together that I may be would not usually bother with, they always turn out fab!

Plum Surprise –  Energy Boosting Plum Juice<span class='title-comment-count'> - 10 Comments</span>
Plum Surprise – Energy Boosting Plum Juice - 10 Comments

Plum Surprise – this juice is gorgeous, I called it plum surprise because that is definitely how it got me – by surprise! I bought some organic plums just because I know their benefits, not because I particularly like them – oh surprise – now I love them!