Re-grow celery, it’s easy and saves you some money, its a fun project and a great thing to get your kids involved in. Most root veggies can be regrown in the same way, its awesome!

Apparently it is hard to grow celery, quite the gardeners challenge, but it is so easy to re-grow celery and such fun to watch the new life grow.


How To Re-Grow Celery

To re-grow celery, just cut the base from the celery about two inches from the bottom, rinse it well in good mineral water, not tap water, tap water wont help your celery at all!

Place your celery base in a bowl with some mineral water, be sure to change the water daily. You will see new growth within a few days.

As new growth appears, the outside parts of the base will begin to break down and this is when it is ready to plant, normally it takes around a week for it to be at this stage.

Re-grow your celery

                      Regrow Your Celery

Some people leave it soaking until it grows roots on the bottom, in my experience you can re-grow celery if you plant when the first growth shows, but I am going to experiment the other way too, so the one below is around four weeks, no roots yet.... fingers crossed I can re-grow celery this way too.

Another method to regrow celery is to soak in warm water over night and just plant out the next day, I will be trying that, and lastly, just one stalk of celery in water will grow roots!


 Re-Grow Celery - Planting

Re-grow your celery

To re-grow celery we now plant in a container with organic soil and it will thrive. Squirrels, rabbits and a few more of our furry friends love celery so if you are putting it out in your veg plot, you will need to protect it with some sort of wire frame.

Fill your container to the rim with soil, then add water, we want the soil wet but not soggy. Scoop out a handful of the soil and hollow out the middle to make room for the celery plant.

Remove any rotten outside bits and pop your celery into the pot, the whole base needs to be buried and just the new growth showing on the top. Put the rest of the soil back. I have two in this pot and will re-pot as they get bigger. Re-grow celery - easy!

Re-grow Your Celery



Celery needs a lot of water. Make sure to keep the soil evenly moist and do not forget to water them. Celery will not survive drought, and if the ground is not kept consistently moist, it will affect the taste of the celery.

I prefer to grow mine in pots on my balcony, safe from furry rogues and easy to keep an eye on. Also growing in pots means you can keep it indoors when the weather is not favorable, so we can have celery all year round.

There are many kitchen scraps that we can regrow, stay tuned I will be experimenting with different methods and share here on the blog.



Be Healthy~ Be Your Best

Love & Light 


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