How about a Raw Juice for breakfast? OK - we all know the theory of - Breakfast as a king, lunch as a Queen and Super like a poor-per - This makes perfect sense when you think about it - Breakfast simply means - 'breaking the fast of the night' and a Raw Juice For Breakfast is perfect!

How About Juice For Breakfast?


Why have raw Juice For Breakfast?...... While sleeping, your body has worked hard to filter toxins and waste by taking them safely away from your vital organs (clever eh) now your body gets to rest for a while.

When we wake, provided we are in good health, we will feel we need to rid ourselves of these wastes almost immediately.

For me I have never been a fan of breakfast, we are all different, but I am not ready to bombard my body with more work just yet.

I am a big believer in drinking lemon water (at least a litre) in the first hour of waking to help cleanse and flush the liver, then my system is able to absorb the nutrients from my powerful Raw Breakfast.


So ... Juice For Breakfast?

Round about 10.30 - 11.00 am I am ready for something...........

Juice For Breakfast

       This is my Raw Breakfast today; 

This works perfect for me , I feel fresh and alive if I have a green Juice for Breakfast.

There are times when I feel I want to eat something and I am  usually more than satisfied with fruit salad. This seems to suit my metabolism and my digestive system is very happy!

To eat anything heavier than this would leave me feeling like I want to go back to bed, but when I have Juice for Breakfast, this keeps me feeling fresh and alert and my energy is high.  

When eating a typical western type breakfast, we are piling our body with a mixture of  heavy foods, and our organs are back to hard work immediately to digest it, all of the body's energy is used for this work, for me that makes me feel tired and foggy, how can we function properly when the body is draining already, we have only just got up!

If you feel this is you, and you feel sluggish in the morning, try a Raw Juice for Breakfast, see if you feel better!

Commercial cereal type breakfasts are packed with refined carbohydrates that get digested rapidly which can cause disturbance in our sugar levels, we may feel high for a while and then sink quickly, causing us appetite swings and cravings.

As for the cereals that claim to have vitamins, well they are synthetic vitamins and your body is not designed to digest these, so your system then decides they are foreign bodies, toxins and poisons - the body works hard again to eliminate them them.

All that these type of additives give us is stimulants, this along with coffee, is a perfect recipe for rapid aging and cell degeneration, forget them they are killing you!

Green Juice for Breakfast

Drinking good quality water with lemon in the morning gets your metabolism going naturally as well as sweeping your body clean. Then your Juice for breakfast should be complete nutrition- pure goodness fuel!

A Raw Breakfast whether it be juice, fruit salad or a raw muesli, will keep your energy level up and your sugar level balanced, your body will cleanse itself naturally and easily absorb nutrients.

So go on give it a try.... try taking a Raw Green Juice Breakfast for a week and see the difference!

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Be Healthy ~  be Your Best

Love & Light


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