So many people just don’t fancy putting Green vegetables in their Juices and smoothies, I really would encourage you to try, it won’t taste anything like you think it will, I promise you will be surprised - but OK  if you just don’t want the dark earthy greens how about Lettuce - the health benefits of lettuce Juice are very surprising!

Many times I have heard people say the health benefits of lettuce juice are so small it’s not worth bothering, it’s just water. I beg to differ, lettuce has many essential values for the body.

Lettuce Juice would not be high priority for me because I have a lot of the dark green leaves, but I do use it often in my green drinks, and if for some reason I am unable to get the greens I want, then I will buy romaine lettuce and put the whole thing in my drink.

Lettuce juice is amazing in the hotter months for getting hydration back, very refreshing too!

Last summer I had an abundance of my own home grown lettuce, so was using daily in my juices then. I will often add lettuce just because it is there in my fridge, I am the only lover of salad in my house so there are always salad leaves of plenty so they go into the drinks and hey - he gets salad anyway haha. Yep, bring on the Lettuce Juice!


Lettuce Juice - recipe & benefits


Lets Look at the Health Benefits of Lettuce Juice

Crisp romaine lettuce is a highly nutritious leafy green with a mild flavour although you will not detect the flavour in your green drink if you add fruits, you will be amazed at the health benefits of lettuce juice, so perfect if you just don’t want those dark veggie leaves.

  • ProteinThe health benefits of lettuce Juice
  • Iron 
  • potassium
  • calcium
  • phosphorus
  • magnesium ….

Are you surprised? So the health benefits of lettuce juice - Not so bad so far eh?

Protein - Yeah really, romaine lettuce has something like 7.7 grams per head. And it contains all 8 amino acids – so it is said that romaine lettuce is a complete protein!

Iron - Loaded with iron - we need constant renewal of iron for our blood ..........

Dr. Norman W Walker say’s;

When combined with carrot juice, the properties and health benefits of lettuce juice are magnified by the addition of vitamin A in the carrot.

Lettuce contains more than 38% potassium, 15% calcium, more than 5% iron and around 6% magnesium. Magnesium has revitalising powers for muscular tissues, the brain and nerves. The organic salts in magnesium are essential cell builders. Our metabolism would just not work without the assistance of magnesium.

Lettuce also contains more than 9% phosphorus which is one of the principal constituents of the brain and an ample supply of sulphur – one of the component parts of the haemoglobin of the blood.

8% silicon – this together with together with phosphorus and sulphur give us correct maintenance for skin hair and nails.

Dr N W Walker say’s;

Drinking a daily abundance of juice composed of carrot, lettuce and spinach, will furnish food to the roots and nerves of hair, thereby stimulating growth.

He also say’s

When one consumes excessive amounts of these elements in an inorganic form i.e. cereals and devitalised foods, the roots of the hair do not obtain their proper nourishment: hence one of the reasons for hair loss.
He goes on to say that hair tonics are a simple waste of time other than stimulating the blood vessels and nerves through massaging the scalp they do not feed or in his words ‘furnish’ the hair.

Dr Walker talks of many of his patients recovering from various disease and ailments due to consuming lettuce juice. He has sold me on the health benefits of lettuce juice!

Romaine or Cos as it is known in the UK, is the best lettuce to use and the darker outer leaves not the inner white, although I don’t discard these, I use the whole lot.


The Health Benefits Of Lettuce Juice? - I Rest My Case

Give it a try and adjust it t your taste your body will love you for it!

Lettuce Juice Recipe

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Be Healthy ~ Be Your Best

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