Hi all, seems like a long time since I posted - think I have forgotten how LOL! Well I had all the plans in place, had pre-written articles to post but nothing worked wherever I went so I gave in gracefully (well almost gracefully) So what have I been up to?



Raw Food Chef Training In Bodrum Turkey!


Yep - I went to Turkey on Kate Magic's Raw Food Chef Training Course! It was awesome! I did um & rrrr about going and was not sure really why I was going, in fact I have been feeling as though I have been caught up in a strange vortex for a few weeks! But - It turned out that I gained an awful lot!

Bodrum overlooks Greece and I knew I would be upset looking over at the place I miss so much, but hey - there is a reason for everything. I did get a little nostalgic, (OK a lot) but I didn't really know why because my time in Greece had come to a natural end long before I left actually, and I needed to leave but could not understand why I was so sad when I did. Sitting alone on the beach looking across the Aegean sea & the Greek mountains answered some of my questions and a fantastic Shaman Healing session I had with Cathy - one of the girls on the course, filled in the rest of the blanks for me. I can't begin to tell you about that, I would be here all day, but I now understand my time on Crete, Greece and why it was so bitter sweet for me! And this trip was partly to understand this.

I highly recommend shaman sound healing it is awesome!

So Kate Magic, what is she all about? Well she is definitely MAGIC!

The course was great and answered some burning questions for me that I have about super foods and raw food cuisine, why? I will be sharing with you when I get more organised and everything is settled. I will be practicing Kate's awesome recipe's and sharing my experience with you.

Turkey - Kate Magic





















Even the resident cat loved it!

The cat loves raw!





















My time away was pretty traumatic, the week after the course I traveled back to the UK to meet my father for the first time! Yeah shock horror! I was adopted at one year old and having met my Mother and that being a heart breaking nightmare, I was understandably terrified of what would occur now, would it leave me in a mess like it did with my Mum? Ugh!  So I was a little (a lot) pre-occupied and to say the least an emotional wreck, you will understand then why I need to unravel very slowly? Just for the record, the meeting with my Dad was great, and I am so happy that I have met him and  all the missing bits are now in place.

Meeting my Dad for the first time!

















And of course I got to see my boy, and he got to meet his Granddad 🙂

So please do forgive me, it is taking me a while to get back on track and to top that, my bank account here in France has been cleaned out by some awfully nice being! (Evil Face!)  Thankfully the French banks are very personal, like the old days in the UK where you knew your bank manager personally, so he will take care of that - phew!!!!

Love & Light for now

Til Later...

Cher 🙂

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