I am Feeling a little low at the moment, I am really busy, I have a heavy work load and also some anxiety building as I have to make some big life changes ( we are moving to another country and although I am excited I can feel the stress building. I love change but have never been good with transition 🙁

I feel really tired so have decided I will stick to Juice only - plenty of it and heavy on the veggies to make sure I get plenty of Green Boost!

I will double up on everything I usually have in the mornings and save my fruits for afternoon, And this will make sure I get all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals to help with my stress levels, natural sugars for energy and my ultimate Green Boost. Lot's of variety too makes sure I get all I need.

Last night I felt so tired that I really did not want anything but I knew I must have something otherwise I would suffer today and my body would start to go out of balance, Juice is perfect for this, not heavy but making sure we have our essentials.


What Was In my Green Boost?


Well considering I didn't want anything, I really did enjoy this Green boost!

handful of dandelion greens

handful of parsley

dark leaf lettuce

1/2 cucumber

chunk of fennel

1/4 pineapple

3 slices of melon


Strange combination? Yes it is LOL, but sometimes you can find amazing flavors by just throwing things together. I would normally put apple with my greens but I had melon and pineapple left over so threw them in, it was good!

So the greens are cleansing and giving me that injection of sunshine from the chlorophyll plus of course all the minerals and nutrients and alkalizing.

Cucumber melon and lettuce plenty of hydration - the pineapple keeps my digestion balanced and clear any mucus that may be lurking in my system, there are viruses about and if we are feeling tired and low this is when we pick them up - this Green Boost will protect me from that!


This Mornings Green Boost -


This Mornings Green Boost

Oooops, I almost drank all my green boost and forgot to photograph! 🙁

Well this green boost was gorgeous, I have to say I am very used to the veggie tastes so if you find veggie juices a little earthy add more apple and carrot for a sweeter juice.


Whats In My Green Boost?


Dark leaf and heart of lettuce

large handful of spinach

handful of parsley

small cucumber

chunk of beetroot

chunk of ginger

4 carrots

2 apples


Again plenty of water content, chlorophyll nutrients and alkalizing - beetroot cleansing and strengthening my blood, ginger another of natures anti nasty agents very similar to garlic but your friends won't abandon you!  Not by any means a replacement for garlic - we can't beat garlic but - Ginger is antibiotic and anti-inflammatory, a great decongestant for sore throats (if you are losing your voice gargle with ginger) anything where mucus and phlegm is involved! Great for arthritis, lowers bad cholesterol, inhibits blood clots and it helps circulation so will help get the good stuff in quicker! Perfect - perfect - Green Boost!


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